About Us


Over the 22 years Purepages Group has been in operation, the company has developed around one hundred websites for clients in many commercial sectors. We've also carried out a lot of digital marketing work, achieving up to a staggering 14% response rate on many of our email campaigns.

Far more important perhaps than these basic Internet tools, however, is the ground breaking development work programming far more complex ideas such as the world's only real weather based virtual balloon race, medical education systems and granular information portals.

These latter in-house projects have consumed a seven-figure budget in pursuit of disruptive technologiees and services marketable in the UK and globally. Some of the staff who work on these in-house projects are found below.

Mike Phillips
Managing Director

Mike Phillips, is an MBA graduate of Manchester Business School and an ex director of both PricewaterhouseCoopers and KPMG, the world's top two leading accountants and management consultants. During the Nineties led consultancy projects from Moscow to New York, primarily focused on e-commerce and marketing issues within the retail and FMCG sectors.

Prior to these roles, Mike wrote for several years for the Financial Times in London, where he authored reports on commercial and consumer issues whilst a freelance consultant to the UK Government's DTI. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Network Controller

Experienced System Administrator with 10 plus year experience in a wide range of skills in systems installation, virtualisation, configuration, upgrading and maintenance.

He has in depth experience of several different platforms, such as Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Evaluate, monitor and enhance IT infrastructure with an emphasis on availability, reliability, scalability, security, data confidentiality and system integrity.

Full Stack Developer

Experienced full stack web developer with over 9 years of success in a range of industries.

He has a vast background in the design and implementation of large scale web platforms including maintenance, upgrades and further development in a business critical environment.

Strong working knowledge of various php frameworks and app design methodologies, a solid track record of high performance and secure applications utilizing SOLID, DRY and MVC design principles in a fast paced team environment.

Frontend Developer

Frontend developer specialising in the following languages: Laravel, JavaScript/jQuery, Vue & React.

He has also spent several years designing and developing a range of React Native mobile apps for communicating between IoT hardware devices which are deployed on both the Google Play Store & App Store.

Other experience includes graphic design/digital marketing with skills in Photoshop, illustrator, Xd & InDesign.


Programming consultant

Petr studied for 8 years at Jicin High School for Talented Children, Czech Republic and finished this school in 2006 with passes in Mathematics, English, German, Czech, Economics and Computer sciences. From Jicin, Petr was awarded a place at the Faculty of International Relations, University of Economics in Prague, Czech Republic, where he completed his bachelor degree in early 2009. He is now attending a masters degree course prior to starting his doctorate.

At Purepages Group, Petr works as an open-source languages programmer. He specialises in writing, inter alia, PHP, Mod Perl and Ajax. He also constructs major database systems for the company using MySQL and wrote PureAdmin, the back office system for controlling all the websites the company created, designed and coded in 2007 and 2008.